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Down Home Booking

A Southern boutique booking agency

Down Home Booking

A Southern boutique booking agency

Check out our roster of artists and upcoming events!

Check out our roster of artists and upcoming events!


The Story of DOWN HOME BOOKING and our idea behind it.


When you are in “The South”, anywhere basically below the Mason Dixon line, there is something called Southern Hospitality and that includes food, commonly called Down Home Cooking. This refers to the food preparation, taste and love that goes into making these delicious dishes.  It’s the best of the best in flavor, from Soul Food to desserts. Think buttermilk biscuits, fried chicken, collard greens and homemade pies.  The ingredients come from the surrounding areas and are recipes handed down from generation to generation.

Now think that same Southern Hospitality in terms of music. Think of all the different styles of music “The South” has to offer, New Orleans Jazz, Memphis Blues, Nashville Country, Atlanta R&B, Athens college rock, Carolina Beach music and the Appalachian Mountain Bluegrass. Music knows no boundaries and often finds itself mixing with the other styles and genres.  Well Down Home Booking agency takes the same approach in providing venues the best of the best in bands from the area.  As a boutique booking agency, we specialize in taking on a few of the bands we see going on and excelling at the next level and touring across the country.  Maybe they open for National acts, maybe they get signed to a major label. We have been in the music business for 25 years and consider ourselves the “taste makers” to help pick out the best bands to facilitate and nurturer these acts to bigger and better things. 

With an ever changing music industry and how music is heard these days, one thing will never change, and that’s the live music element.  Nothing is more satisfying than seeing one of your favorite bands up close and in person, where you can almost reach out and touch them. Hey! Not too close! It’s that emotion and the experience a great show provided that excites us to continue to support live music with moments like that.

Down Home Booking hopes to continue those emotions you experience and inspire bands to continue to do what they should and that’s write, rehearse and play music. Leave it up to the professionals to help them get the right touring and support their lifestyles and put smiles on their fans faces.

Artist Roster

Blue Dogs (Charleston, SC)


Blue Dogs - Roots rock from Charleston, SC. With influences of country, folk, bluegrass and rock the Blue Dogs have been around for 32 years and still delighting audiences all over the Southeast.

Cravin' Melon (Greenville, SC)


Cravin' Melon - Southern roots rock from Greenville, SC. 

Train to Mars (Atlanta, GA)


Train to Mars - Covering the great alternative rock songs of the 90's for any occasion.

New Sensation - INXS Tribute Band (Atlanta, GA)


New Sensation - The USA Tribute band to Australia's #1 export, INXS.

The Colour & The Shape - Foo Fighters Tribute Band (Atlanta, GA)


The Colour and the Shape is a tribute to the world's greatest rock band, Foo Fighters!

Rock Mayhem - Live band karaoke (Atlanta, GA)


Rock Mayhem plays the biggest rock, dance, country and alternative songs from 70s, 80s, 90s and today. Whether you are in the mood to listen to great music, see a show, dance or just have a good time, the band’s huge repertoire will provide the energy and soundtrack.


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